Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dear Lola,

20 weeks. This week marks the half way point. And although the anticipation of meeting our littlie grows more & more intense with each passing day, a few things that have occurred over the last few weeks make me ever so grateful that you still have twenty weeks of growing & remaining safely tucked within me.

a few photos of a washed  out mama taken just after hospital trip #3.

little carrot muncher feeling for kicks.

The Sweet:

- Getting to see you in all your co-operative & kicking glory during the 19 week ultrasound. Even more exciting, was sharing the photage later that evening with a very excited little sister - "argh! my baby is waving at me!" "that's a foot, no that's a hand, oh baby stay still!"
- The stronger kicks, which come at the most perfect timing.
- Warm baths each evening, just the two of us. Hearing you & papa dance & laugh while we soak, & ending with the most welcome splash arrival of you into the tub Lola.
 - Co-hosting a beautiful baby shower for a dear friend. Celebrating through every shade of pink, strawberry & lime punch & delicious treats.
- My Marty & family for carrying me, sitting with me, tucking me in, feeding me, taking Lola for trips to the library & kindygym, for the fresh juice, constant hugs, calls, warm soup and endless, endless love.

The Sour:

-  Falling sick with 'the virus/the fever/the vomiting bug', that saw several hospital trips, drips, tests & a very weary mama.
- Recovering from said illness, and the fatigue that although engulfing, is easing with each passing day.
- Top it off with a pinched nerve in my neck, and yep that's three for three, and I believe things can only look up from here. Surely!

Here's to a healthy, happy next few weeks baby.

Your mama 


  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear you have been ill Ash, I thought you had been quiet but put it down to being busy. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Feet up, lots of cuddles and plenty of warm tea my love. Sending well wishes from all of The Ramplings x x x

  2. Oh Ash - you don't look like yourself in those pictures. You poor thing. You still look gorgeous though! Have been thinking of you and sending lots of good wishes and virtual hugs. So excited that I get to see you next week. Next. Week. :-)
    Take care lovely. xxx