Thursday, 9 May 2013

Dear Lola, 

We are a few weeks behind my intended schedule... but who's really counting, considering we have 20 weeks of planning, partying & preparing ahead of us.

Creating a new space for you in the 'big' room, and creating babies space are at the top of my list. Most probably because they are by far the most exciting things on my list!

A few things in the works for baby worth sharing...

 some of the sweetest hot air balloons being knitted by a special Oma.

 a pair of the cutest shoes on there way to warm bubs little tooties.

 because you can really never have enough pairs of bloomers (although baby will no doubt inherit quite a collection from you lola)

a project to keep papa busy in his shed - this fits in perfectly with our mountain home.

a spring baby needs enough little leggings to keep him/her kicking!

 because this print was just a little bit too cute.

This mama is having fun shopping for her littlie. There is an old cane chair in the shed, in need of some tlc, that I plan on bringing back to life, throwing on a sheep skin rug (that was mine as a baby) and making a few soft cuddlies to snuggle in with. With a few other surprise projects to come, I better get moving. 

You are already very loved baby in tummy!

Your mama


  1. Baby Jameson and Lola are so lucky to have such a creative and caring Mumma. I cant wait to see both rooms, we are in the middle of a revamp for our frog and it is soooo much fun! x x x

  2. Oh a revamp for Audrey! Please share when you're done, I can't wait to see it. How fun is it? I didn't realise how excited I would be to create another nursery, and seeming Lola is scoring the biggest bedroom in our house, I look forward to changing things around for her, in hopes she will love spending more time in there.
    Have fun with Audreys! Love x