Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dear Lola, 

25 weeks

The last month or so of carrying this littlie has been bliss. No more fatigue, sore muscles, night waking or viruses. If it weren't for my growing belly & the lovely strong kicks to my ribs, bladder & everywhere in between, I may just have to admit to brief moments where I forget I'm carrying baby at all.

The Sweet:

- Long restful nights of deep sleep.
- Weekends away staying with family.
- A toilet trained & adorable undie wearing you - (it took 3 days, I knew we waited for a reason!)
- An always thoughtful husband.
- Growing closer to my wonderful team of midwives.
- Appreciating that little bit more every long cuddle, made up game & story we share together Lola.
- Organising spaces, de-cluttering & recycling.
- Witnessing a new kitchen evolve, & spending long relaxing days with my mum as it does.
- Winter comforts - the fire, wool blankets, burning candles, evening baths, green tea with lemon, soups, long socks & oversized knit jumpers for keeping my growing belly warm.

The Sour:

- Feeling a bit puffed when trying to keep up with you, my little running bear.
- Making prompt & big decisions on everything kitchen - who would have thought there would be so many!
-  Boys names still have us a little stumped, but we're working on it.

Weeeeeeeee, 15 weeks to go, and we can hardly wait to meet you little one.

Your mama

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