Monday, 10 June 2013

Dear Lola, 

We all bundled into the car Friday afternoon, and hit the road to spend our long weekend here.

I feel an instant sense of calm & peace as we pull into the winding driveway, and see your beloved Omi & Opi, and of course that river.

During our stay, there is always a unique balance found between wasting no time at all and relaxing. There is a constant supply of warm drinks, good conversation, inspiring food, classical music, baking, bush walks & plenty of exploring & laughs.

Add to that Jaspers sensational 1st birthday party, and a sneaky mama & papa lunch date at the delicious Wharf Road, and I may have just shed a tear as we drove off.

morning stories

Jasper is ONE! 1,2,3 make a wish.

 Going rabbit huntin'

Papa's kitchen hand

Baked stuffed apples for dessert

Fresh orange juice for brekky

You were a juicing machine!


Making anzac biscuits is a must.

So is jumping on Papa!

Part of Papa's watertank garden

 This way to the river little papa!

Contemplating the wombat hole

Picking bush lemons

Spotting wombats beats eating biscuits... just!

Till next time...

Your mama


  1. What a wonderful way to spend the long weekend. I hope you relaxed your growing belly and put your feet up while you enjoyed all that delicious food! x x x

  2. Thanks lovely! It's hard to relax, when all I want to do is explore that place! But there was also plenty of reclining with a tea & yummy treats in hand. Enjoy your weekend x