Sunday, 7 July 2013


Dear Lola, 


Over the last week and a bit, after we have tucked you in bed, turned out the lights, closed the door, and just after half a dozen "I love you's" are exchanged, we settle into the living room, only to hear some of these lines coming from your room...

"But I don't want the tooth fairy to come!"
"Papa, did you remember to close my blinds?"
"You forgot to say - don't let the bed bugs bite"
"Is the sun up yet, or is the moon still there?"
"Maybe we should have pancakes for breakfast - is that a good idea?"
"I need to do a wizzy!"

Or last night you just sung "This little light of mine, I'm gunna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, oh let it shine" - over and over again, till you fell asleep. 

Usually we just give you a response through the door and you're happy with that, all except the wizzy request, where upon we bring you the potty of course! 

It's never a problem, just your new way of winding down we suppose. Not to mention your way of telling us you're a little bit unsure about the tooth fairy! 

Your mama

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  1. "I need to do a wizzy" Oh Miss Lola your little light will always shine ever so bright x x