Tuesday, 9 July 2013

bits & pieces

Dear Lola,

Admittedly, this is a somewhat random bunch of photos. But life around here is pretty topsy turvy at the moment, so I guess it makes perfect sense. For over four weeks now there has been a constant slow & steady stream of tradies tinkering about the place. This combined with my ever growing belly, somewhat crazy nesting habits, an active (almost) 3 year old, and keeping this home & family of ours chugging along through this splendid winter season, has resulted in lots of early nights, rest where I can get it, and bushwalks. Because heading into the bush is the one sure way of clearing my mind, tiring one little miss out fairly quickly, and spotting deer. And there is not much that calms me more than spotting deer through the mist & gentle fog.   
Bits and pieces from around our place.

Reading to grubby (your felt ball pet on a stick)

Winter flowers closed up for the day.


 Mixing cement (always with one little extra helping hand)

Lounging take #2.

Lucky chicks to have a flowering gardenia overhead.

 Improvising. We couldn't locate the paintbrushes or painting paper.

He visits at the same time everyday.

A part of the kitchen that is slowly coming together - bench tops go in today with any luck!

Your mama

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