Tuesday, 30 July 2013

32 weeks

Dear Lola, 

32 weeks.

The Sweet:

- The (above) weekend getaway.
- A morning spent running around the animal park.
- Rock picnics for four.
- Leisurely Berry lunch date & a wander with papa.
- Eating three large pieces of the nicest lime pie I ever did taste.
- Feeling kicks & wiggles & jiggles all day long.
- Daydreaming about the end of September when we get to meet you..
- A new kitchen & an enthusiastic chef (papa)
- Little hiccups coming from my belly. 
- Small pleasures not to be taken for granted:
*such as sitting in the sun reading while you nap.
*living the nappy free life.
*long undisturbed night sleeps.

The Sour:

- Big kicks to my ribs & bladder all day long.
- Bending down too quickly & squashing baby in the process.
- I have the appetite of a teenage boy - eating constantly while you nap. For three hours straight!
- Strong, somewhat uncomfortable braxton hicks contractions that seem to occur at unfortunate times. Such as half way down a monster slippery slide.

Still 8 weeks of growing to go little one. Or should I say only 8 weeks of growing to go? Either way, we really can't wait to welcome you into our family.

Your mama


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