Thursday, 25 July 2013

happy snaps!

Dear Lola, 

Mama - "Would you like to go to the botanic gardens this morning?"
Lola - "I have a good idea, how about we stay home and just go to the bush. Is that a good idea?"

And so that's what we did. For two whole hours. 
At your request, we shared the camera. You snapped away happily, without a care in the world. Not needing to look through the viewfinder, just pointing & shooting as if you had done it a hundred times before.

I think you captured our morning and all we saw just beautifully. Neither of us captured the huge stag we spotted, but to our credit, he did run away pretty quickly. Plus we were too mesmerised to even think of the camera.

Although, I do believe your images beat mine hands down!

Lola's Photos: (well at least some of them - there were quite a few)

Mama's Photos:

Seeming you had the nature part covered, I focused a little more on you.

You didn't want to head home. I believe your words were "let's just stay here on the log in the sun". Plus, you had your heart set on finding all of your most favourite friends from Peter Rabbit. You did tell me on the way home, very matter a factly, that you definitely heard squirrel Nutkin in the tree. Well thank goodness for that.

Your mama


  1. Gorgeous! A budding photographer? Lovely! I've been taken on adventures to find the faraway tree lately. Gosh I love all their little imaginations! So cute! xx

  2. Oh, adventures to the faraway tree sound lovely. I can't wait to read lola that story. Peter Rabbit dominates our lives at the moment! Enjoy this sunfilled week & happy searching xx