Sunday, 21 July 2013


Dear Lola,

A handful (or two) of the things that made me smile last week.

Watch out, Papa's back in the kitchen! Yummiest laksa I ever did taste.

You made this fresh pasta sauce with very little assistance from me.

Bird watching in the yard.

Kitchen love.

 Listening out for deer.

30 weeks & you fit just perfectly above my bump.

Stripy cousin love.

Pink gardenia flowering for you.

 Afternoon tea.

Each Monday over breakfast we talk about things we would like to do during the week. It's a lovely time, with sticky porridge fingers, cups of warm tea and milk, & the morning light creeping over the mountain. We sit & chat.

Some of the things on your list included:

- Going to the botanic gardens to look for scarecrows.
- Make a library for your (stuffed) friends.
- Go to kinda gym & jump on the mats.
- Make muffins, the blueberry ones.
- Go to the library.
- Play bingo.
- Collect kindling (papa may or may not have whispered that one in your ear)
- Search for Mr Tod and  Tommy Brock in the bush (to say you're obsessed with Peter Rabbit at the moment is an understatement!)

This also got me thinking of some things I'd like to achieve:

- Pull out your newborn clothes that are neatly tucked away. (sort out the unisex stuff & see what we still need)
- Continue work on your surprise birthday fairy garden. (It's coming together quite nicely)
- Tidy the basement. (my nesting need has led me to this!)
- Make this and this. (I'm craving artichokes at the moment)
- Get thinking about a super special birthday present for an almost 1 year old Edie girl.

Sounds as though it may be a busy little week. I think blueberry muffins sound like a good place to start.

Your mama


  1. I love these pictures Ash! I haven't found any spare time to blog lately, but you've inspired me to start capturing some of the happiness.
    Your new kitchen looks like a place I'd love to spend some time!
    (I also used to love how Hamish sat so very neatly above my bump, it made for some lovely cuddles.)

  2. Oh thanks lovely. I often pop over to your blog to see if you're up and running again. I never get sick of seeing that handsome boy of yours holding up his first catch! Would love to see some of your happiness! Kisses for the kiddos xx

  3. This post most certainly made me smile. Wishing you all another wonderful week x