Monday, 12 August 2013

34 weeks

Dear Lola,

34 weeks

When there was talk of going camping with some wonderful friends mid August, we didn't have to sit on the idea for very long. We would also make this our baby moon, an all around child free chance to bask in a few days of serenity, good company, and to sleep beneath those sparkly stars.

It was just lovely. Perfect even.

There was an abundance of blooming wattle, sunshine & warmth, our quaint & comfortable home set amongst the trees, fishing, giggles, canoeing, and snagged lines by a stunning river. A somewhat freezing/refreshing dip with bub, a constant roaring fire & flowing conversation. A delicious curry & freshly made damper, mulled wine, marshmallows and enough chocolate, with some left over for breakfast the next day. A peaceful nights sleep, despite me having carried our baby for 34 weeks now, and a feeling of complete calm & peace as we slowly made our journey home.

And there was plenty of talk about our kids. We'll bring them next time for sure!

I'm 34 weeks & feeling fine.

6 weeks to go. I'm guessing a little less, but perhaps it's a little more. Whatever the case, we're ready. I can almost feel our fresh little baby in my arms.

Your mama

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