Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dear Lola,

Bits and pieces from around the place.

Your obsession with Beatrix Potter characters is completely out of control. In a good way.

There's something a little bit special about winter light.

I hope you never stop wanting to paint with your hands.

Or your elbows for that matter...

Fish feeding time, with the sweetest little shoes all the way from Guatemala

Making a present for someone special

You sat here for a good half an hour counting pom poms & licking your lips.

 Happiest of birthdays dear oma.

Hey there.

Making dumplings... or dumpling aeroplanes as you like to call them.

Our weekdays as a duo have been just lovely. I feel so blessed to have lived almost three years of one on one time with you. And although it's becoming increasingly harder for you to sit on my lap, we still manage to sit on top of each other & snuggle together as much as possible.  Lately there have been sleepy, relaxed mornings spent reading in your bed, porridge for two, more stories & games, then out of the house for a morning of fun. Whatever it may be, the library, kinda gym, the gardens, meeting little friends, we are often home in time for a leisurely lunch and a long nap. Afternoons see craft, more stories, a venture into the bush, cooking, a few cartoons, a trip down to Oma's or over to Auntie Jules, then back in time to greet papa home. You and papa usually light the fire and head back to the bush for more exploring, coming in as the sun is disappearing.
I am all to aware that this daily rhythm of ours will soon change, as we add a third amigo to our weekday adventures. This may add a little (or a lot) more chaos to our days, but it will no doubt be welcome chaos. And I'm just hoping we both adjust & embrace it with an open mind and more laughs than tears ;) 
Let the adventures continue...

Your mama

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