Monday, 26 August 2013

Dear Lola,


Chatting to you is one of my most favourite things. I love explaining things to you, and better still, when you explain things to me.
A memorable conversation was one in which we were discussing doctors giving needles.

Lola: I just close my eyes and imagine what I love. I imagine wild animals with wild teeth. I imagine I'm a dinosaur. Edie could imagine pears... she loves pears.

We were driving, and this made me pull over, reach back and tell you that you're a funny little peach, and that I love you very much. Only for you to respond. "well, I love you to the stars and clouds and rain and back."

I may or may not have turned back on to the road and sobbed just a little...

Your mama


  1. such a sweet conversation...

  2. Oh, what a sweet, sweet little girl and what a good big sister she will be! xx

  3. Hi there Mama :) You're my lucky winner of the mag subscription (announced this morning)! I couldn't find an email address but you can drop me a line at I can get your Real Living out to asap :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S. Your little Lola is just delicious!

  4. Oh Lola! You are one amazing little lady. She looks so much like you here Ash, happy day Mumma x