Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dear Lola,

Happy Papa's Day!!! 
Pancakes are served! 
What music do you want to listen to? 
Is it still papa's day?

There was an awful lot of excitement Sunday morning, as pancakes sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar & fresh lime were devoured, presents torn open, and as one little girl got her head around the fact that you can celebrate papa & give him presents, without it being his actual birthday!

Specially wrapped gifts with treasures found in the yard.

You can never have too many flowers in the garden.

To the beach with the family for adventures, a frolic in the water & lime sorbet.

Home in time for a nice nap & an afternoon spent in the garden.

You have discovered your love of this slide

It started off here...

then you added a blanket & your friends into the mix...

then you got really adventurous as papa hoisted the slide onto a bench seat for extra speed, and watched as you raced down to land on the trampoline. Note: your super slippery sliding outfit.

There was also lots of music...

and even more laughter. 

Through tears of laughter you said that you loved papa more than all the custard & socks in the world. Pretty sure you're spot on about that one.

Your mama

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  1. The perfect papa's day! Happiest of days to Marty..