Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dear Lola, 

There is a little date that has been circulating in my mind for the past 9 months. 

The 27th of September. 

I don't particularly feel I need to refer to it as my 'due date' as such, as I believe our baby will arrive at the exact moment that it's meant to, and no one date can be singled out. I can happily say though, that today I have been carrying our baby for 40 weeks, and I'm feeling great!

If I look a little reflective in the above photo, it's only because I'm in absolute awe of what my body has achieved. I feel overwhelmingly blessed that I have been able to carry this baby of ours so far.

I feel comfortable (mostly) and ready (mostly) to bring this baby into our big wide world. 

I'm still carrying you around Lola, spinning you around, dancing & running about. 

I'm trusting my body, and feel instant ease & peace knowing your papa will be by my side for the entire journey.

Our bags are packed, and amongst the treasures are lavender from our garden, a few photos that make me happy, and a collection of calming music.

With each passing day the suspense is building, as is our desire to meet you & hold you. 

We will wait patiently (as we waited for you Lola), and I'll continue to savour every moment that you are still snuggled up inside my belly.

Happy days.
Your mama

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