Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dear Lola,

And just like that you are 3.

You have conquered so very much in three short years.

Your big eyes, mind & heart have taken in more than we could of imagined.

When I think back, a montage of images & memories flash through my mind... it's enough to bring tears to my eyes.

There was a Byron Bay road trip adventure when you were 4 months old, your first aeroplane trip to Adelaide at 8 months, and just after your first birthday you took on the Northern Territory in all its glory. Taking in Darwin,  Arhem Land, Kakadu & Litchfield National Park. We then explored Port Douglas, The Daintree Rainforest, Cairns & Green Island.
But three excited travellers wanted more, so it was over to stunning New Zealand where we drove over 7000 kms around the South & North Islands. You were just over one, and had found your running feet by this time.

Sri Lanka was up next just after you turned two, where three weeks were spent road tripping around a land that touched us all in a profound way. Especially your mama, who was carrying an extra little secret in her belly.

You may have boarded more planes than the average twenty-one year old in three short years, but there have been no shortage of adventures right here on your own doorstep too. We bought our first home when you were around 18 months old, and the surrounding bushland has become your second home. Although we are a stones throw from wollongong city, and have neighbours either side of us, with the bush at our backdoor, a roaring fire in winter, and falling asleep to deer calls at night, we feel as if we are in our own little world. You love your home.

At three, your extended family means the world to you, and with four grandparents & eight great grandparents, you're one lucky peach. You spend countless hours with your grandparents, both down the road & by the river. These are the most special & treasured times. Your Auntie Jules & cousin Edie see you almost daily and we feel so blessed for it.


I've jotted down a few things you have said (or say regularly) over the last month. I hope you enjoy looking back on them one day:

I'll run as fast as my legs could carry me.

I'm snafe and snug. (a burst of laughter at your mistake usually follows)

Are you happy now, or still a little bit cranky mama?

No sense in hiding, I'll find you!

Oh I really do love you lots mama. To as far as my eye can see.

Papa you are a hero, because you can lift heavy things.

Get on my fork you little sucker (when eating pasta)

You're most welcome!

May I be excused? Hmmm. Now you say it Papa!

Okay, okay, okay, just slow a down a bit.

Just close your eyes and listen to the music papa.

I want to play the saxophone when I'm a mama.

Ahh fresh deer poop, keep your eyes peeled!

Let's play the game we played last morning. (most things we do, we apparently did 'last morning')

The room is beginning to feel much better. (said after cleaning your room)

We have to put a message in a bottle, swim it through the river, and then someone will get our secrets out.


Happy Birthday peachy. Our little sweetie & shining light.

Your mama


  1. Oh Ash - how beautifully you write and how gorgeous your big little girl is. How quickly those three years have gone by! I look forward to the day when Joni can talk to me and let me know what is going on in her lovely mind. It must be delightful to have conversations with your little one. Did you end up making the fairy garden for Lola for her birthday? I have been thinking about it since you blogged about it, ha! :-) xxx

    1. Yes! I did make the fairy garden. There are a few more things I'd like to add, so holding off till Christmas to give it to Lola. PIus I got a bit carried away with other birthday gifts, as I had a feeling I may be in hospital for her birthday... which I wasn't in the end... but as a result of my last minute impulse buying, Lola sure got her fair share of gifts! For Christmas it's 3 gifts each max! ;)

  2. happy birthday! she's so beautiful and so funny! (here things didn't happen last moning but 'at 5 o'clock')

    1. Hehe, love how our littlies work out concepts such as time - hilarious! xx

  3. Beautiful beyond words little one x

    1. Is it funny that I look forward to night feeds? It not only gives me undisturbed time to stare at bub, but there's also enough time to catch up on beautiful blogs such as yours :)