Monday, 14 October 2013

Dear Lola and Maeve,

Maeve, we spent half of your second week by the river staying with your Omi & Opi.

Highlights for you were a growth spurt, which saw you feed around the clock for a couple of days. A trip into town to meet your Great Nan. A walk to Bangalee Reserve swaddled in your papas arms, where we sat by the river and watched your sister dance on the jetty.

Lola, as always you were thrilled to pieces.

Highlights for  you were two river swims, banana pancakes for breakfast, making marmorkuchen (marble cake) with Omi. Jetty dancing, pretending it was Easter & colouring boiled eggs, dancing to Elvis Presley, and Walts super second birthday party.

We'll let the photos do the talking, there sure are plenty of them!

In the door 5 minutes & already making anzac biscuits.

Papa the super hair styler.

Walking back from another river adventure.

This family sure loves pancakes!

Sharing secrets.

Morning stories.

Riverside walk.

Afternoon tea.

Lola hitches a ride with Maeve.

Adventure walk to Bangalee Reserve.

Clothing was optional.

Maeve's first time by the river - 11 days old.

Jetty dancing - always with two feet off the ground.

Waking up amongst the flowers.

This babe loves to cuddle.

My girls.

Your mama


  1. Beautiful photos! And congratulations on Maeve. She is a beauty.

  2. Your life makes me melt. Blessed. x