Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Papa went back to work today. Which marks our first day at home together, just us three girls.

Best thing so far - being out of the house by 9am for a walk & explore in the Botanic Gardens with your Oma, Auntie Jules & Edie.

Worst thing so far - the two eggs that rolled off the breakfast bar counter, as I attempted to make Lola scrambled eggs for lunch, whilst settling Maeve in my arms.

Best thing so far - both girls napping at the same time, giving me two free arms and the couch all to myself.

I have to admit, we've put a few things in place to make mornings easier on all. All clothes are chosen the night before and laid out in the lounge room, ready to jump into first thing. Lola, Papa dresses you, brushes your teeth & does your hair before he leaves for work, as well as a billion other little things to help mama out. And a baby bag & morning tea is pre-packed the night before, so I'm not rushing around with a knife in my hand as I attempt to cut up fruit & feed you baby Maeve.

Although, I did forget to pack your drink bottle Lola, lost the car keys twice, and may have left with spit up on my shoulder, but all in all I think we are doing mighty fine.... so far!

Your mama

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  1. Mighty fine indeed :) Look like Lola can't get enough of her little sister there :)

    Sophie xo