Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

You two girls have been miraculously napping at the same time over the past three weeks. Maybe you both know that your mama is just getting the hang of this whole two kids deal, and you're being extra considerate. Well, thank you very much for your consideration, and please know that I'm not taking it for granted, as I'm all to aware that this little synchronised pattern you have going could end at any moment.

In the meantime,  I leave the tidying up, and turn my back on the laundry basket full of clothes. Instead, I read, walk in the garden, potter on the computer, and pick up the camera and take a few shots of things around the place that make me smile.

Here are a few of those things.

I never thought I'd love camomile tea SO very much.

Still life on the coffee table.

Papa rescued yet another chair from the nature strip.

Camomile flowers.

Papa's drying quarters.

Sweetest gift for Maeve, lovingly made by my cousin Ella.

Little shoes that will go big places.

Your mama


  1. Go girls! Keep that up.

    I also love chamomile. Did you make it yourself from dried flowers?

  2. My chamomile flowers are going nuts at the moment, taking over the garden.
    ...and those shoes....o so sweet x