Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dear Lola,

We are getting into a nice little rhythm around here. 

You both rise at 8am, and we share toast, cereal, scrambled eggs & last nights dreams around the breakfast bar. 

We play, get dressed and farewell papa.

I put Maeve down for a sleep, and we do morning craft. 

We usually head out for a few hours when Maeve wakes. 

Home in time for lunch and naps. (Lunch for me involves juggling making a sandwich whilst settling Maeve in my arms, something I'm getting slightly more efficient at)

Throw in a couple more feeds, a few tears, lots of rocking & plenty of laughter, and just like that it's 3:30pm. At which time you'll find me glancing up at the clock every five minutes, in excited anticipation for papa to arrive home shortly after 4:30.

Other days we'll head out again after your nap, but lately Lola, you have been preferring to stay in and just relax & play with Maeve. By play I mean sing, dance, read and rock her to sleep. You are such a big help.

Our rhythm will no doubt change as you both grow, but I'm loving & cherishing the now, and not wishing it away for one second. Okay, well maybe that time between 3:30 and 4:30 could go a little faster, but who's complaining! 

Average morning scene at our place

You are meant to be sleeping & I'm meant to be eating lunch.

Writing a shopping list

You two are inseparable at home.

Morning craft while Maeve sleeps.

One guess who you are staring up at. Yep, your big sister.

Your mama


  1. congratulations, you made a beautiful baby, i love maeve...