Monday, 28 October 2013

Dear Lola, 

You absolutely positutely love all things Christmas. You remind me  every so often that your middle name Noelle, means 'Christmas'. And despite my efforts to store your Christmas books in an unreachable drawer, you manage to find them, and just beam as you lose yourself in the pages. 

So when you asked nicely (begged nicely) to do some Christmas craft, I glanced over at the calender which read October 19th, and then back at your pleading eyes. The pleading eyes won this time around, and we got busy. 

It was your clever idea to make some reindeer food. You thought it would be a good idea to bottle it up and sprinkle your creation on our driveway Christmas Eve, in the hope that reindeer would sniff it out and stop at our place. Genius! 

What we used & your reasoning for including it:

Chocolate and rainbow sprinkles - for a special treat.
Green & orange split peas - because they look tasty, and we figured the reindeer needed something healthy in there to go with the sprinkles. 
Blue, pink & gold glitter - to help the reindeer fly.
Coloured feathers - for Santa to tickle the reindeer with in case they got sleepy.
Little bells & pom poms - to be hung around reindeer's neck.
Pine Cones - to brush their teeth with.

You bottled all the ingredients up in a jar.

You were beside yourself with happiness, and the jar has taken pride of place on your shelf in your room, where it will sit for a few months until we sprinkle it (into a bucket!) and leave it out for those cheeky reindeer. 

The most wonderful time of the year has started a bit early over here, but I secretly couldn't be happier.  

Your mama

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  1. Positively gorgeous, My Lulu would love this x