Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

As we race into December & toward the end of the year, life around here is pretty wonderful.

Maeve - when Lola is in the room you follow her with your eyes, and kick with extra enthusiasm when she comes close. Dare I say you have even managed to settle nicely into your own routine! Three solid naps a day, with about an hour or so awake time either side of them. You sleep well and sleep anywhere, be it in the sling, pram, car, basket, or in our arms. It's not uncommon for us to be carrying you around, with you looking outward as we chat to you and show you things, only for us to realise that you have quietly fallen fast asleep.

Lola - when at home you can usually be found by Maeves side. You lie as close as you can to her, and tell her everything. If you are doing a puzzle, reading a story, or playing with your toys, you do it right by her side, always involving Maeve in some way. This morning we found Maeve in her bouncer covered in puzzle pieces. You explained that she was handing them to you, and doing a great job at it. 

Morning tummy time.

Christmas baking begins.

 Chats with papa.

Cuddles beneath the tree. 

And under the play mat.

Tired eyes.

Favourite time of the day.

 I'm THIS big.

Your mama

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  1. Your photos are 'melting moments'!
    May the infant Jesus bless you and your beautiful family on His birthday and throughout 2014. x