Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dear Lola, 


Peachy cheeks

 Looking all grown up, yet still so young.

Eyes on the river

You have mastered the art of playing with your beloved farm house, and acting out stories with the characters all by yourself! The key words being "by yourself!"

Today I overheard this conversation held between the pig and Farmer Jo. To put it into context, the Farmer was standing in front of the pig pen door.

Pig: Excuse me Farmer Jo, would you be kind enough to move out of the way.
Farmer: Why do I have to move out of the way?
Pig: Because I need to go into my home and pack my bags to go on a holiday to Nazareth.
Farmer: Okay, is this far enough out of the way?
Pig: Yes, that's perfect thank you. 
Farmer: Have a great time in Nazareth.
Pig: Yes, I will! I'm going to visit the baby Jesus.

The reason I near memerised the conversation, is because you had the same one with about five of the animals and Farmer Jo!

And with regular talk of the Christmas story around our place, it's only natural that your two favourite holiday destinations have become Nazareth & Bethlehem. 

Your mama

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  1. Oh Lola, you sweet thing.
    May the Infant Jesus fill you with His light and love this Christmas.