Monday, 16 December 2013

Dear Lola, 

Lola, you get to spend time with your beautiful cousin Edie pretty much every single day.
Instead of having a cousin type relationship with her, your relationship is more like that of sisters. 

And just like sisters -
You take toys off Edie.
Edie protests when you try and hold her hand.
You don't like Edie interrupting your 'big' girl games.
Edie squirms when you try to cuddle her, which in turn makes you cuddle her even harder. Hmmm.


You both smile at each other like no one else exists.
You swap books and toys regularly.
When playing, Edie is Cottontail & you are Peter Rabbit.
You feed Edie, and she opens her mouth with wide enthusiasm.
You laugh together on the trampoline. 
You explore together.
You're growing up together, side by side.

Lola, you expect to see her everyday and get sad when you don't.
Edie, the name 'Lola' was the second word you ever spoke.

And these two precious photos, courteous of Jules...

Needless to say, it's a pretty special thing you two have going on. A friendship & bond that will last forever & always...
Just like your two mamas have.

Your mama

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