Friday, 27 December 2013

Dear Maeve, 

You are 3 months today little Maevie girl. 

You are such a pleasure to be around.
Some people want to poke you to make sure you are real, as you tend to be calm almost all of the time. 
You give us countless smiles everyday and love your sisters company.
You love being held out, so you can look at the big wide world.
You love the car, and seeming we spent a fair amount of time in it over the holiday season, this is a good thing.
We enjoyed a very relaxed first Christmas with you.
You had a few tummy aches over this time, we think due to yummy food over indulgences on my behalf, but as soon as they passed you were happy & smiling again.
And seeming you really don't cry very often, when you do, it can be pretty heartbreaking...

Speaking of hearts, you have the sweetest little one, and we are so happy you're ours.

Your mama

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