Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dear Lola,  

I'm a little late with putting these up, but nevertheless here are the final photos to wrap up a wonderful series.

A photo of you once a week, every week of 2013.


 I love that you tell me you love me so, so, so much at least a dozen times a day.


 You have a wild imagination & a great sense of humour.

 And I love that when you wear this tiara, you are either the 'Queen'

or the 'Paper Bag Princess'


We made it - 52 photos of  our peachy girl. 
And here, the first photo of 2013 compared with the last...

I have really enjoyed photographing your sweet little face each week, and I only have to glance at the 52 photos of you to feel happy to have completed the series. But this year, I'm changing it up a bit, and instead of one photo a week, each Tuesday (which will mark a week since the new year),  I'll be posting seven of my favourite photos taken from that week. A new challenge. And one I'm really looking forward to.

Your mama

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  1. Yay, 52 weeks well done! Lola is stunning, those dark brown eyes and her dark hair are just gorgeous! Look forward to seeing your fav weekly photos! :)