Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve,

Our journey into the new year has begun! I've never really been one for new year resolutions, but there's just something about entering into a fresh year, that makes me want to set a few goals. For instance,

I want to sew more.  Things for you girls & things to give as gifts.
Bake more. Cakes in particular! 
I would like to start swimming. Of the lap variety...
I want to set up a store at the markets once a month with Jules & mum.
Knit more. A winter scarf for you Lola, would be a good start!  
More date nights at home with papa. Now that you both have respectable bedtimes, this is possible!
More travel. But I'll settle for more day trips and time by the river.

What else? Plenty I'm sure.. but we'll start by searching for those goggles of mine.

And photos... I want to take lots of them.

"Just practicing my piano playing on maeve mama."

52 photos of this face - complete!

The most loveliest Christmas gift made by Jules.

Lola bear

New Years Day rompers. 

 Someone has learnt how to cut... properly.

She calls them snippers, and is pretty proud of herself. As am I. 

The most precious knitted flowers made by mum for maeve.

Say 'I'm a big girl' maeve

 Okay....enough playschool, time to hit the road.


 Here comes Lola...

 Here's to an adventure filled 2014!

Your mama

1 comment:

  1. Your goals all sound achieveable (all except the laps….for me anyway. That was my December goal and it lasted 3 days!)
    Jules' gift to Meave, truly thoughtful and a forever treasure!
    Your rompers are gorgeous, did you make those? Clever chook.
    Those knitted flowers by your mum, out of this world adorable.
    ….and Lola, just the sweetest thing, as always.
    Happy New Year, may it be everything and more.
    Liv x