Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve,

When the opportunity came up to spend a handful of days in a beautiful house just moments from the heart of Sydney, we graciously & quickly accepted.

Lola, you are at an age where going on holidays is just about the most exciting thing ever. You were literally jumping up and down, and absolutely bursting to hit the road. Your thirst to explore every little detail of all the places we took you & Maeve to was contagious. Darling Harbour was a firm favourite, perhaps because it was home to the giant waffle covered in ice cream, as well as the Darling Quarter playground & other various rides. The dinosaur exhibition at the National Museum also impressed, although the giant replica Stonehenge jumping castle probably took the cake. But, I think you would agree, that nothing quite beat snuggling up with Opi to watch a few movies after a long day of exploring. Toy Story is a new favourite.

Maeve, oh Maeve. I'm often scared we'll take off without you, leaving you on the nature strip strapped into your car seat capsule, as you are just so very chilled. You had but one nap in your basket the whole trip, all others were spent in the pram as we boarded ferries, strolled down Cockle Bay Wharf, enjoyed lunch on the streets of Balmain, explored the Aquarium, stood beneath towering dinosaurs at the museum & shopped at Ikea - (yes that's three Ikea trips in your three short months). You slept, you smiled, you fed everywhere and anywhere (even on the run as we raced to catch a ferry home) and then you slept some more. Barely whinging, and nothing a pick up, look out at the world, and a cuddle couldn't fix.

Here are our holiday snaps.

Sunsets & cold beer

This place is really cool mama.

Breakfast for two

 Day One - Darling Harbour & The Aquarium
Darling Quarter Playground

 Ride time!

You nearly jumped out of your pants when morning tea arrived.

You had a love/hate relationship with the glass tunnel... mostly love.

Lazy evenings spent at the house

Day two - Hyde Park & The Museum 

The dinosaurs were a huge hit.

Sydney Festival Village at Hyde Park.

 You couldn't wipe the smile off your face.

Games in the yard - catch me Omi!

 Day 3 - Exploring the parks & foreshore around Balmain. A ferry ride to Circular Quay.

Morning cuddles from a sleepy babe

Exploring Balmain

The ferry ride was a huge hit.

Adding to the lego masterpiece at the Opera House.

Here we go, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

 It was a wonderful mini break. If it weren't so hot, we may have also ended up the top of that ferris wheel. But like Lola said as we slowly drifted past on the ferry.. "there's always next time." Indeed there is.

Your mama


  1. looks like a beautiful place and amazing holiday! today i listened on the radio there's a heat wave in australia...

  2. It was a great getaway thanks! Yes, scorching hot here today... worse in neighbouring states. Just praying there are no bush fires, as we back onto the National Park! Time to jump in the kids pool I think :) xx