Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve,

Week three of the new year was hot & sticky, and we managed to squeeze in three barbeque's and several trips to the beach to cool down. 
Although, by the end of the week, dark clouds had gathered and the rain arrived in a light sprinkle, and hasn't stopped since. 
Therefore, our days have been largely influenced by the skies above, taking each new day as it comes, and appreciating both our close proximity to the water, as well as the comfort of spending time at home.

1. You snuggle & chat to Maeve. Truly believing she understands every word you speak. 
2. It was too hot outside so we made colourful heart crayons.
3. We sing & chat as I hang out the washing. 
4. We cleared the bookcase. But before we got rid of it, we played hide and seek.
5. I giggle when you pull this face. 
6. It was too rainy to go outside so you cut & pasted a rainbow, all by yourself.
7. I find it hard to believe I can say you're turning four this year.

Your mama

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