Monday, 27 January 2014

Dear Maeve, 

4 months today little mae flower. 
You still take everything in your stride, and not much seems to bother you. 
You spend whole mornings at the beach, sleeping & playing in equal measure. 
You love the park, staring at ceiling fans, eating your hands & rolling about the place.
If you're tired, you wiggle & grunt a little, and when I lay you on the bed to zip up your sleep sack, you have the biggest smile on your face, and turn your head to the side, in anticipation for sleep. Which you also love. 
You have been testing out your vocal chords and shrieking with excitement, your latest favourite sound being 'mum, mum, mum'. Much to my delight!

 You are such a joy, causing my heart to do back flips & side flips & completely burst with love.  None of us can quite get enough of you little Maevie girl.

Your mama


  1. Oh Ashlee! She is such a little delight, that face is so smoochable! I wish we were there to give her snuggles. Another good sleeper - well done! xx

  2. Ella, I also wish you could meet her! I would love to spend loads of time with Joni, it's such a fun age. A good sleeper yes, not quite up to par with Lola, but can't complain.. trust me though, nothing we have done! We're just along for the ride, and enjoying every bit. Kisses for Joni :) x