Monday, 27 January 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve,

We've started somewhat of a tradition over the years, where our Australia day fun begins at the harbour. We meet up with the family, admire the thousands who participate in the annual aquathon, spread out a picnic blanket, and enjoy a leisurely brunch together. 
Now that you are old enough Lola, with a fist full of tickets, you dart around the park agonising over which rides to try out. And this year, to your delight, Edie wasn't far behind. The jumping castle was a shared favourite. 
And as for you Maeve, well you slept soundly in your pram, waking up with a smile, before taking in the spectacle of it all with wide eyes.

Uncle Jimmy's famous banana bread, with yoghurt & berry compote.

Eyes on the ride...

Maybe next year peachy...

Bouncy castle fun with Edie. 

Cool kids.

 Then it was home for a rest, cookie baking & dancing in the yard.

 With the evening drawing near, you & papa snuck into the bush to make some rabbit traps.

When Maeve awoke she sleepily joined in. 

Then a sneaky rabbit (Lola) grabbed a carrot & ran for home before Mr Tod (Papa) could catch her!

A barbeque feast, a couple of cool drinks, an early night for you girls, a movie for us, and that's a wrap. Good times.

 Your mama


  1. SOunds perfect. Your girls will love reading over these posts in years to come...

  2. You had a complet day, beautiful family!