Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve,

 Week five favourites.

Most memorable moments from this week ~

Lola - Seeing your face as I dressed you in your tutu, ready for your first ballet class. 
Maeve - Hearing your first real laugh as I sang you gallop went the little green frog.

1. At the gardens you always seek out the marigolds.
2. A baby sitting up in a chair is worth smiling about.
3. These, blueberries & watermelon never last long around here.
4. The anticipation, excitement & look of concentration as you stand on your tippy toes.
5. Must. eat. pear.
6. Lola - "She wanted to make me a glittery tiger, but I said no."
7. The everyday.

Your mama


  1. already learned to stand on his toes?
    b/w photo of maeve's beautiful!

  2. Ha! Yes, Lola has very bendy feet and has been walking around like that since she could walk! Thanks for dropping by. Have yourself a lovely week x