Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Over the last few weekends, and during the weekdays when I have a spare moment, we have been getting elbow deep in stuff. Busy sorting, boxing, recycling & fluttering from room to room, with the aim of  decluttering and parting with things we no longer use, haven't touched in months or perhaps even years. I've always found it difficult to part with our stuff, but get me in the right mood and I can fill 5 garbage bags in 5 minutes.

A few photos from around the home..

pretty flowers from a special celebration.

With you Lola, I had a thing for collecting vintage dresses, all of which Maeve will also have the pleasure of wearing (thank goodness for that). 
With Maeve, I've found blankets are my weak point. 
Florals, clouds, foxes, crochet. Wool, heavy/light cotton, silk. Quilts, wraps, throws. 
We won't be parting with these... but we did wash them & stack them together.

Indoor garden & a lone pine cone

I made you these curtains Lola, with enough material left over for an Autumn frock.

Lola, you're always picking flowers for Maeve.

We'll have to pull out the highchair again soon for Maeve, but I've loved how you have naturally upgraded to this chair Lola.

I love straw flowers.

It's funny how a less cluttered life can fill you with an instant sense of calm. Something that is always welcome around these parts.

Your mama

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  1. Yes, that sense of calm is so fleeting with 4 kiddies but I welcome those small moments every day x