Friday, 14 February 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Week 6 favourites. 

1. If I squint my eyes, it's like looking into the future.
2. Full of marvellous expressions.
3. Lola, our new obsession - washi tape. We use it everywhere. This, you did all by yourself.
4. Our German doll.
5. Resting with the washing.
6. Three amigos hanging out above mentioned washing.
7. Discovering your tootsies.

Your mama


  1. 'Petal & Peach', Love it!
    After 40 years of marriage my Dad still calls my Mum "Petal" or "Pet" xx

  2. Hi! Somehow just saw your comment now... how very sweet of your dad. Maeve was very close to being called Marigold, so makes sense her nickname be petal! Have a lovely week xx