Saturday, 15 March 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve,

It's papa's birthday. 

And so another year has passed. Another year where you have made us laugh every single day. Taken us on the most extraordinary adventures. Been the most selfless human being imaginable. Played with us in the garden. Inspired us, cared for us, & showered us with your patience and calm spirit. Another year of loving us unconditionally & wholeheartedly.

A few photos  from your day.

We spent the morning opening gifts, jumping on papa, & laughing at Maeve & her fascination with balloons.
We treated ourselves by going out for a delicious breakfast, at 'Three Chimneys'. There were sticky hands from the yummy raspberry & ricotta hotcakes, and Papa introduced you to the pinball machine.

After some time at home, in the garden, a visit from friends, and when Maeve  awoke from her mammoth nap, we headed to the beach with the extended family. 
We unpacked, we played, lightening & thunder filled the skies, we repacked & headed back to our place. (photos courtesy of lukes phone)

At home, the skies cleared & the sun shone upon us. We continued the celebrations. 

  Until there were just two left dancing.

 29 years young. May the next 29 be just as incredible. 



  1. You are surrounded by love, just how God intended.
    Such happy faces, and warm unconditional love in every shot. Gorgeous.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. happy birthday to papa ;)
    what a beautiful family you are