Monday, 17 March 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Week 9 favourites.

We spent the week by the river. We visited our most favourite beaches, we walked, we swam, we ate too many hot chips, we spent time with family, time singing in the car, and time together just hanging around the place. 

It was lovely. 

1. You said you would live here if you could. 
2. Nothing beats a bush walk before tea time.
3. I was putting you down for a nap... but I spotted the hat.
4. Married for 40 happy years.
5. You two always head off exploring together before the beach towels are even laid out.
6. Swinging in our pyjamas.
7. You had the giggles.

Week 10 favourites

Settling back in at home has been lovely too.

1. You ask for pistachios at least 5 times a day.
2. Curious Maeve watching Grandpa whipper snip the grass.
3. It was late in the afternoon. Papa wasn't home yet. I asked you to kindly wait here for him. Maeve didn't have much of a choice.
4. You are becoming the gyoza making queen.
5. I love that your eyelashes cast a shadow.
6. Watching Dumbo.. the part when he jumps & for a moment isn't convinced he can fly.
7. I took a series of photos of you. In every one of them you are smiling.

Your mama

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