Monday, 28 April 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve,

Your Aunty Jules & I have been busy bees over the past couple of months. We are working on a little something and will be launching our very own web site early next week (fingers crossed)! 

But firstly, we have three little ladies we need to thank from the bottom of our tired but overflowing hearts. 

Lola, Edie & Maeve - thank you for being our wee models. For staying still when asked, for being pulled this way & that way. "Look here". "Look there"."Now sit, roll, stay!" Yes, we do realise you are not puppies, despite our commands.

Although you were very obedient & patient for the most part, thanks to help of chocolate freckles (for Lola) and the promise of lizards, real ones (for Edie).

A few out-takes from our photo sessions - minus the products we are actually selling. You'll have to wait that little bit longer to find out what they are :) 

Your mama (and aunt) xx


  1. Ooo i'm excited! When does this little venture launch? x Goodluck and congrats x

  2. Thanks lovely! We can launch any day now, just a few little details to go over - a little daunting, but I'll keep you posted :) I may need some savvy business advice from you! Thanks for your kind words xxxo

  3. Oh congrats, how exciting! Can't wait to see your products! How cute are your little models x

  4. Thanks so much! Very exciting, but still getting my head around the balancing act, that is being a mum and attempting to work & create a little on the side... I have a new appreciation for all those working mamas - my hat goes off to them! Have a lovely weekend won't you xxx

  5. wow, beautiful photos!!! wanting to see more about this project