Friday, 30 May 2014

Dear Maeve,

We've had 8 blissful months with you little possum pants!

This seems to be the month of trying...

You are constantly trying new foods. Thanks to your sister, camembert is a new favourite.
You are trying to pull yourself up onto all objects imaginable. Making my heart leap into my throat countless times throughout the day.
You are trying to crawl. Backwards is your preferred style, but as you proudly rock on your knees, it's only a matter of time till you are off. I'm not sure I'm ready.
You tried the slippery dip this month, and with Lola's arms wrapped tightly around your waist, we think you enjoyed it.
You are trying out all sorts of wonderful sounds and noises - lalala, dadada, mamama and a mixture of all the above keep us all entertained.
You tried out the big kid seat in the trolley whilst grocery shopping, and with Lola's arms around your shoulder the whole time, you were beaming.

You my dear, are an absolute sweet heart. 

A few photos of YOU from just today.

Maeve, our delightful little petal, we love you so!

Your mama

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