Friday, 6 June 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

It started with two little voices that kept calling out during the night. Dragging our heavy bodies out of a warm bed, we handed out cuddles, kisses and warm milk. We rummaged blind to find dummies tossed out of bed, and shushed weeping babes back to sleep. 

A restless night saw early rising. 
And in the dim morning light we discovered the culprit. Two blocked up noses & a couple of teeth ready to explode from Maeve's swollen gums.  

Today saw extra tears, meltdowns, mess, cartoons and snuggles. 
The mountain of washing could have very well toppled over and buried Maeve. 
Every toy we own was sprawled out on the lounge room floor. 
As Maeve chewed a piece of chalk, Lola hung on to my leg, begging for more food. You have eaten ALL day long. 

When most of our days flow seemingly smooth and happy from one to the next, days like this can come as a bit of a test. 

But amongst the chaos, it just made me realise how thankful I am. 

I'm thankful that I was able to drop Maeve at mums place for her morning nap, so I could go and spend an hour pretending to be space captains with Lola, and squealing as we zoomed down a enormous slippery dip over & over again.
I'm thankful for my sister who picked up some medicine for Maeve, because she is so completely selfless, cares so very much, and doesn't hesitate to make an extra stop off during her already busy morning out.
I'm thankful for my husband and his timely messages and phone calls, filled with encouragement, wise words, love and so much sense. 

I'm thankful for my two girls, our afternoon stroll to the playground once the rain had passed, and for the constant reminders they give me to slow down. 

Here's to a restful and slow moving weekend. 

Your mama

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