Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dear Lola, 

This week you have been my little treasure hunting sidekick! We skipped through the second hand stores and came up with the goods. You enthusiastically approved of all purchases from the comfort of your stroller, a soggy milk arrowroot slowly dissolving in your hand as you gave smiles to anyone and anything that caught your eye. 

Here are the treasures we found...

Knitted beanie - 50 cents. Navy striped skirt overalls - two bucks. Lola eating her new leather shoes - priceless!
Checkered bloomers - 50 cents

Little leather boots (new) made in Italy - five bucks!

Ol' milk tin (perfect vase for big bunch of flowers or alternatively an umbrella holder) - three bucks
Funky water jug/carrier - (perfect for picnics) - three bucks

Doilies for craft -six bucks

 Your mama x

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