Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dear Lola,

You are such a funny little peach. Below are some of your favourite treasures in our home. These are the things you so desperately reach for, smile at, touch, stroke, kiss and cuddle the most. It is pretty darn cute when I say "rainbow cow - ,mooooooooo" and you instantly dart your dark eyes over to the cow sitting on the window ledge, and lean your head to the side & smile. Leaves me in stitches every time!
rainbow moooooo cow

Charlie & Lola magnets get a lot of love
Your zombie toy from papa - lola you can't get enough of ripping his arms and legs off!

You love this mushroom canister - so much so that we only have one remaining when once we had three!

This mosque ball that hangs in our archway gets a lot of attention from your reaching arms and gazing eyes! 

And yes most things you love are breakable, so your interactions with them are highly supervised! I wonder what will catch your curious mind next?

Your mama

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