Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Darwin Day Seven - 

Dear Lola, 

We awoke after having barely any sleep at all. Our bed was more than comfortable, the temperature in the room was perfect, but our air conditioner that had seen at least three decades of keeping others cool was so incredibly noisy and every time it clicked over it made a sound similar to someone throwing a hammer up against it. Lola, you woke half a dozen times as a result, you were easily settled with your dummy, but like us awoke this morning rubbing your eyes.

After a picnic breakfast on our front porch we stumbled to the reception desk to inform the owners of our dilemma. They were more than kind & concerned, and immediately offered us another cabin with a recently installed air con system. It is titled the ‘honeymoon cabin’ & is privately perched on a hill overlooking a field with horses & cows, (to Lola's approval) the bush , the Finnis River & a windmill.  We soon forget about our sleepless night.

Now onto the real adventures of the day which were visiting Buley Rockhole, the magnetic termite mounds and Florence Falls. 

Buley Rockhole featured a series of rock pools each cascading into each other.  Words don’t do any of the places we went to justice. Neither do our photos, but we will share a few anyway.

The magnetic termite mounds were the next stop. We stayed just enough time for a spin!

We had Florence falls to ourselves as we arrived around 5pm. It was breathtakingly beautiful and we took a moment to appreciate & soak in our surroundings. Lola you happily floated in your ring, as long as you had a slow and constant supply of rocks handed to you. Marty jumped off a rock platform under the waterfall, and we swam with fish as big as Papas left thigh. Thinking about leaving Florence falls, Marty was cradling you in his arms when he felt something clamp around is ankle. He held you high & dry as he fell  back. As you both made it onto dry land, we realized by the blood trail that he had been bitten. We may never know what bit him – I suspect a small croc, but Papa thinks more likely a mud crab. The walk back to car was a highlight in itself with hundreds of butterflies flying around our heads.

One super excited bub!

Papa jumps!

On our way home I spot three lazy buffalo feeding by the side of the road. Marty chases the buffalo and as they retreat he is set upon by ants. 

We have a nice dinner on our deck, stories on the bed, followed by bed for you, leaving mama & papa time to enjoy milk arrowroot biscuits dipped in nutella on the balcony.

It can be tricky to get a photo of the three of us!

Your mama

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