Thursday, 6 October 2011

Darwin Day One:

Dear Lola,

We left the house at 8am and weren't back home till 6:30pm. Yep, in true Jameson style we sure fitted a lot into day one in Darwin. Berry Springs was first on the cards, as recommended by our friendly Woolies cashier. After a GPS mishap, leading us off our secure highway onto a dusty dirt road without another car in sight and red dirt distorting our vision, we finally arrived. As the only inhabitants of this stunning waterhole we were a little hesitant to jump on in to the crystal blue waters that looked oh so inviting! Images of crocs lying  beneath the surface  filled our minds as the three of us stood in a row motionless, swimmer clad, with sweat slowly dripping down our faces. Our rescue and peace came as another family of five (baby included) waded into the water for a cool off. Only at this time did we dare to dip our toes in, and what we found was a little piece of heaven. We shared the water with slippery rocks (was that a croc head?) and huge fish that nibbled at our toes. Swim, swim, swim we did before we headed off feeling as if this experience alone was worth the trip to Darwin.

Keeping an eye out!

lunch break
But we weren't done exploring yet, as the heat of the day quickly drew us back into our air conditioned car, we headed for Darwin city. Walking along the waterfront with its fountains, manicured gardens, boutique cafes & shops was a welcome surprise as we stopped for a beer by the water. Lola, you snoozed away for over 2 hours in the pram (in 35 degree heat I might add) as we swam in the harbour and soaked up the sights.


Home time yet? No not for us. Onto the Mindil beach sunset markets.
Here we strolled the stores, ate a croc kebab & yummy tasting platter (deep fried camembert - is. the. BEST.) As the sun started to set and you my love quite vocally requested your dummy - we knew it was time to call it a day.

croc kebab

Mmmm - felafel

clowning around
Dirty & satisfied we fell into the house, fell into the bath, onto the lounge and into our bed!

Your mama

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