Monday, 15 April 2013

Dear Lola, 

Activity two for you!

I must say I've had my eyes on these blocks for a while now. They are colourful, quirky, silly, and don't be surprised if you find me playing with them more than you! I purchased the $12 starter kit and off I set. The directions were easy to follow, and involved a trip to bunnings for timber, a date with the drop saw, some scissors and sticky mod podge. 

DIY Printable Blocks

Once again I'll tuck them away for now, and whip them out when you least expect it... I can already hear you saying "cheeky mama!"

Your mama


  1. Oh you cheeky mama! I cant wait to see how they turn out! Lucky Lola x x

  2. They turned out lovely thanks hun, now to see how Lola takes to them! My sister and I have made blocks before, and we found the mod podge was a bit sticky to touch, even after drying, so I did one less coat this time around.. oh, oh, while I think of it, guess where marty and I are heading this weekend for 3 days - Bellingen! We have a wedding there (that has been planned for yonks) and I only just realised it's your beloved Bello! Ha, any recommendations?

  3. Oh my, how exciting!!! I have sooooooo many recommendations!! To shop, the main street is wonderful but Weave and Im Wunderland are particularly special and totally up your alley. Just walk up and down the main st though hun, every time we visit I find something new. The Pub has really nice meals and very child friendly, Audrey runs a muck. On Fridays the Bellopy organic growers market is on at the church and they sell some beautiful produce. If you have time The Promised Land is an absolute MUST to visit and I don't think you will forgive yourself if you miss it. Oh I could just go on and on and on..
    Do you have accommodation? Lukes parents house is big enough for a small Nation with separate accommodation downstairs including bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom.. x x x x
    PS their op shops are amazing and I forgot to mention my FAVOURITE shop Vintage Nest (cnr chuch & hyde st)

  4. Thankyou! Your love for this darling place is infectious! xxx