Friday, 4 October 2013

Our littlest arrival

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

From the fullness of grace we have received one blessing after another – John 1-16

Holding you both in our arms is what can only be described as absolute bliss. 
You both take our breath away.

Welcome to our journey & lives Maeve Marigold. 

About your name...

Maeve. A name we heard quite some years ago and fell in love with. A little more unusual than Mae, to us it conjures up everything adorable for a small child and everything elegant for a lady. It has an old world feel, and we do think it suits her perfectly. It’s pronounced Mave (rhymes with brave), and oh how I just adore the way it sounds when your papa & sister say it.

Marigold. Your papa chose this name, and when he first spoke of it, I instantly adored it. The name was first given to the striking bright yellow & orange petal flower in the fourteenth century, and has been used as a girl’s name for centuries now. It reminds us of all things sunny & golden & light. 

As your papa adoringly says, 'your our little mae flower.' 

To our littlest ray of sunshine, we love every bit of you beyond belief.

Your mama


  1. This one gave me goosebumps! Maeve is lovely and I can't help but think of yellowy sunshine when I think of marigold. I wish I could give her lots of cuddles xx

    1. I'll give maeve plenty of extra cuddles from you! Missing you xx

  2. My mother in-law's name is Mariko (Japanese) but she gets Marigold from us!
    Maeve is a perfect little bundle of grace, congratulations. May she, like Lola, fill your hearts and home with joy and happiness, and share her God given talents with the rest of the world as she grows into a beautiful young woman.
    Liv xo

    1. Thankyou for your lovely words. Nice to hear that you have a Marigold in your lives too! A bundle of Grace indeed x

  3. congratulations! maeve is adorable!!!

    1. Thankyou, thankyou! There's something profoundly special about newborns isn't there!? Xx

  4. Her name is as sweet as her perfect little smile :) Congratulations lovely one!

    Sophie xo

  5. Oh Mumma Bear, she is truly beautiful. Congratulations! x