Friday, 25 October 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve,

Maeve, you are four weeks old. 
You love falling asleep in our arms.
You love being in the sling. 
You love car trips, as long as the engine is roaring.
You love smiling, & you make the most adorable cooing sounds when you catch our eyes.

You don't like when I put you down in your basket, especially if you haven't yet fallen into a deep sleep.
You don't like being overtired at the end of the day, when the milk's not flowing fast enough... but who does!?

Lola, your obsession with Beatrix Potter characters has lessened of late, however it's been replaced with Jango. Over the last few days you will only answer to the name Jango. Jango being the accordion playing circus act performer, from the cartoon 'Toby's Travelling Circus'. Papa is more often than not Toby, and Maeve and I are the paying customers who come & watch you perform. Never a dull moment.

A few photos from the past week.

Kicking about on your village blanket from Mockingbird Street

Busy with Christmas craft. Yep, it's started. 

Little birthday celebrations for little old me. 

Settling you in the fresh air is always a winner.

Tummy time!

Yep, shows over! 

Bath time is a happy time. 

Tending to the chooks & garden.

In your pjs.

Papa, wishing he had an extra hand to trim the hedge. 

Looking forward to the week ahead!

Your mama

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  1. she's so so cute! congratulations for your family