Monday, 7 October 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Maeve, your first week & a bit in the world has been an unbelievable one. You have been sleeping well, drinking your milk like a champion, burping up a storm, and having some lovely long and relaxed awake time. I've even managed to duck out all by myself a handful of times, with the knowledge that if you wake, you have your doting papa & sister to take care of you until I return. So far you're patient and content, hungry and sleepy.

Lola, you have been as your papa described, 'ridiculously amazing' since Maeve has arrived.
Your profound love for your sister shone through the first moment you lay eyes on her. Just now as you left for a morning of fun with your papa, you yelled from the driveway, "Give Maeve extra kisses from me, don't let her cry mama, and change her nappy too! We'll be back soon to help with the burps."
You are constantly expressing your love for her, just how great she is, how you don't want her to grow up, how she is yours, and all the things you will teach her. You read to her, show her your sticker book and sing songs.

First cuddles on day one.

This week we have: 

- Explored the Botanic Gardens on the windiest of days. Maeve at just three days old, you lay in your pram, eyes wide as saucers, as your sister twirled and leapt ahead.

-  We celebrated your 3rd birthday Lola, with beach frolics, a special family party, and to top it off, a super fun birthday party with all your sweet little friends.

- Lola, you have introduced Maeve to David Bowie, Cloud Control & Harry Belafonte. Lola, we introduced Maeve & yourself to Elvis Presley, who has quickly become a new favourite.

- We have spent plenty of time in the garden, in the clam pool, blowing bubbles & al fresco dining.

- Maeve, you had your first bath with papa & Lola, thoroughly enjoying it... that is until it was time to get out.

- Maeve, you have pleased our lovely midwife by exceeding your birth weight, & we have since been discharged from the program.

Just home from hospital & soaking up double the cuddles.

First bath & gentle wash by a very proud sister.

We head down south tomorrow for a little holiday, and to introduce our Maeve to life by the river. Lola, you can't wait to see  your Omi & Opi.

Here's to a wonderful second week with our little Mae flower & Lola girl.

Your mama

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  1. A picture tells a thousand words. Just beautiful x